The Distillery

Schwarzenberger stands for 96 years of experience in schnaps distilling and liqueur production.

since 1927

Edelbrennerei Schwarzenberger

96 Jahre Schnaps Brennerei!
"Tradition we are committed to"

The Schwarzenberger distillery was founded in 1927 by Rosa and Bartl Schwarzenberger and has since stood for genuine Tyrolean schnapps, fine brandy, Jägertee (hunter's tea), mulled wine, herbal spirits and fine liqueurs of excellent quality. These fine spirits specialities are distilled from the purest Tyrolean ingredients according to old knowledge and craftsmanship.
The ingredients are supplied by North and South Tyrolean fruit and herb farmers who still practise their traditional values and are enthusiastic about sustainable agriculture & fruit farming. The old Schwarzenberg home recipes that have been handed down are used unchanged and in their original form. These recipes and the many years of know-how of the employees guarantee "unique and sustainably produced quality from the Tyrol".
Martin Petz has been responsible for the Schwarzenberger distillery since 1 May 2021. He continues to run it as a family business, with a profound awareness of theTyrolean traditions and big ideas for a sustainable future. By buying the Schwarzenberger spirit specialities you support this valuable work and help to preserve the traditional farming and production methods.

Have fun - true to the motto:
“Cheers and savour your drink. But drink in moderation.”

Old Tyrolean Schnapps

These Old Tyrolean Schnapps specialties are a very special collection of Tyrolean premium distillates. Carefully produced in Brixlegg at the entrance to the idyllic Zillertal and matured in French oak wood, they are all exceptional spirit specialities. Ideally suited for special occasions, they surprise and delight connoisseurs and aficionados.
To the old schnapps specialties

Hot Drinks

We produce these popular Tyrolean hot drinks exclusively from valuable, natural ingredients and according to old family recipes. Soothing and heavenly in taste, they are reminiscent of holidays in the Tyrol and are very popular as souvenirs and gifts.
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6230 Brixlegg
+43 5232 20777-850 
(Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


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