Zillertaler Wintertee®

Zillertaler Wintertee®

Popular and high-yield 4+1 concentrate
Distilled according to an old family recipe for “Jägertee” (hunters’ tea), this Zillertal Wintertee® is a very special Tyrolean delicacy. To make this popular hot drink, we only use valuable natural ingredients.
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Our promise:
Distilled according to old Tyrolean tradition
Made from natural and top quality ingredients
Carefully processed by hand 
Carefully and masterly distilled
Long and carefully matured
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Mixing ratio 4 +1 - four parts hot, not boiling water, one part Zillertaler Wintertee - soothing and heavenly in taste. Also ideal as a gift.

Zillertaler Wintertee

Zillertaler Wintertee is a protected brand of the Schwarzenberger distillery. We produce it according to the old traditional Zillertaler Jagatee recipe of the Schwarzenberger family.

It tastes best mixed in a ratio of 1:4: one part Wintertee and 4 parts hot water and the soothing hot drink is ready. But be careful - do not bring the Wintertee to the boil! This will cause the valuable ingredients and herbal extracts to be lost.

Zillertaler Wintertee® is a registered trademark for the Edelbrennerei Schwarzenberger.

Advice from Tyroleans

Add a few dashes of freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice to refine the Zillertaler Wintertee. Tastes especially delicious on cold winter days and reminds you of holidays in the beautiful Zillertal valley.

W like Wintertee

Zillertaler Wintertee is a protected brand of the Schwarzenberger Distillery. It is a mixed drink made from black tea, Inländer Rum, herbal extracts, Obstler and other mysterious ingredients. It goes back to an old Zillertal Jagertee (hunters' tee) recipe. This winter tea is usually drunk as a hot drink from a cup.

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