Old Tyrolean Fruit Schnapps


Old Tyrolean Fruit Schnapps

Fine fruit distillate matured in oak wood
This “Old Tyroelan Fruit” spirit is a very special distillate. It is carefully distilled from the best fruit in Brixlegg at the entrance to the idyllic Zillertal valley. Matured in oak wood, this old fruit liqueur is an exceptional Tyrolean spirit specialty.
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Distilled according to old Tyrolean tradition
Made from natural and top quality ingredients
Carefully processed by hand 
Carefully and masterly distilled
Long and carefully matured
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Old Tyrolean Fruit Schnapps

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At the Schwarzenberger distillery, we have almost one century of experience in distilling schnapps. We are one of the few distilleries that have mastered and cultivated the ancient knowledge of distilling local fruit varieties. Sun-ripened apples, plums, Williams pears and apricots are processed by hand in the distillery, from cleaning to mashing and distilling. The result is an exceptionally mild and finely intense fruit schnapps with an almost unfathomably deep variety of aromas.

This old fruit schnapps is ideal for special occasions, surprising and delighting connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Your friends and business partners will be delighted with this unusual and equally high-quality gift.

Advice from Tyroleans

This exceptional Tyrolean schnapps is best enjoyed from a long-stemmed brandy glass at room temperature.

S like schnapps

Schnapps is a legally protected term for a fruit spirit distilled and bottled in Austria. It denotes a spirit made from fruits such as pears or apples. The fruits are mashed and fermented. A fruit distillate is produced from the mash by distillation, which is reduced to drinking strength after a long period of careful maturation. The wood-aged fruit schnapps is a cuvee of apricot, apple, Williams pear and plum. The premium schnapps of the Schwarzenberger wood line contains a strong 40% vol.

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