14. March 2022

Schnapps is made here

Once a year, the time comes...

…for the annual apple delivery to arrive at the distillery in Brixlegg. There is a lot to do. The apples must be unloaded, washed, cleaned, sorted and finally the mash is prepared. 

Pure nature. Fine craftsmanship. Pure enjoyment.

For the production of a fruit schnapps, the fruits are carefully washed, sorted and crushed. Together with their own juice, they make the mash. 

At the Schwarzenberger distillery, we distil only sun-ripened fruit from the South and North Tyrol - apricots, apples, plums and Williams pears - into wonderful fruit schnapps. In addition, we distil the mash of the particularly rare rowan berry and that of the roots of the yellow gentian into two very special rarities, the Alte Tiroler Vogelbeere and the Alte Tiroler Enzian. 

The distillation of the mash produces genuine fruit schnapps. By the way: by law, a minimum alcohol content of 37.5% vol. is prescribed for schnapps, our fruit schnapps contain 40% vol.

All these steps are done by hand and with great care in our house, as it has stood the test of time for decades. Here are a few impressions for you. 

“Cheers and savour your drink.
But drink in moderation.”

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