12. November 2022

Zillertaler Erdäpfelblattln with Sauerkraut


The Zillertaler Erdäpfelblattln are a traditonal Tyrolean dish made out of potatoe dough that is deep fried and served with sauerkraut. Erdapfel is just a different german word for the classic word for potatoe, which is Kartoffel. Erdapfel literally translates to earth apple.

The recipe


1kg potatoes
300g warm butter
250g flour
1 egg
nutmeg and salt
clarified butter for frying


The Blattln are made from a classic potato dough. First boil the potatoes with skin until soft and then press them with a potato press. Then mix with the warm butter, flour and egg.
Then season the mixture with salt and nutmeg.
Then roll out the dough thinly and cut into small squares. Then fry the sheets on both sides in hot clarified butter until golden brown.



1kg Sauerkraut
1 big onion
100g bacon
60g sugar
80g lard
1 garlic clove
500ml water
juniper berries, cumin, bay leaves, salt and pepper


First, slowly caramelize the sugar in a pot and then deglaze it with the herb vinegar. Then add the lard and sauté the onion cut into strips.
Now add the bacon whole and the sauerkraut and fill up with the water. Squeeze the garlic and add the bay leaves and cook for about half an hour. Do not let it boil too long, so that the cabbage remains a little firm to the bite.
Finally, finely grind the juniper berries, cumin and pepper in a mortar, add to the sauerkraut and season with salt.

Finished! Now just serve the Erdäpfelblattln with the cabbage in a large tray in the middle of the table and enjoy together.

Tip:After a hearty dish like these, we recommend a glass of Altes Tiroler Obst.

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